Should You Switch to Carbide-Tipped Saw Blades?

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Regardless of your industry and what you use saw blades for, at some point, you may be wondering if you should switch to carbide-tipped saw blades. There are three factors you should consider when making this decision – your machinery, how trained your operator is, and the cost of operation. If you want to switch to carbide-tipped saw blades, you should ensure the following conditions:

  • Machinery- While you don’t necessarily have to own high-end machinery to use carbide-tipped saw blades, it is important that you have a well-maintained machine that can run at elevated speeds and doesn’t produce excessive vibration.

Should You Switch to Carbide-Tipped Saw Blades?

  • Operator- You will need a skilled operator who has the experience to properly install carbide-tipped saw blades and use them the right way, including breaking in the blade correctly.
  • Costs- While you will be able to reduce cut times due to the higher speed, you will need to evaluate your cost per cut considering the upfront cost of carbide-tipped saw blades.

Another thing to consider is knowing how to choose the right type of carbide-tipped saw blades. Your supplier should be happy to help you decide between general purpose, specialty, and extreme performance options based on the materials being cut and other factors.

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