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Keep your hand hacksaw blades in top working order with our regular blade sharpening.

A dull hand hacksaw is probably more dangerous than a sharp one, and it is definitely less effective as well. If your employees rely regularly on hand hacksaws to complete needed tasks during their work hours, you can keep your hand hacksaw blades in top working order with our regular blade sharpening services. At Farris Belt & Saw Company, we have been sharpening hand hacksaw blades and many other types of blades since 1942.

Hand Hacksaw Blades in Charlotte, North Carolina

When you trust us to maintain your blades, you can expect the following:

  • We will treat you like part of our family and will never skip on attention to detail.
  • Our workmanship and products are guaranteed to meet your standards and achieve your satisfaction.
  • We will keep it simple with our free pick-up and delivery option in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. If you are located outside of this area, we will offer overnight deliveries as needed via FedEx, UPS, or other delivery services.
  • We will use our expertise and experience to keep your tools in good working order, which will save you time, better protect your employees and ultimately, speed up your production and give you the potential to improve output.

Servicing and maintaining hand hacksaw blades are only a small part of the services we can offer you. We are a distributor and converter offering abrasives, band saw blades, router bits, tooling, carbide tip saw blades, and a wide range of industrial sharpening services. Give us a call today to learn more or with any questions you may have.