How to Store Sanding Belts

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All types of abrasive products can give you optimal performance and a longer lifespan if you care for them properly. How you store items such as sanding belts can have a huge impact on your satisfaction with the product. Starting out with quality sanding belts is important, but you should also have a good plan for where you will keep them.

How to Store Sanding Belts

The environment where you store sanding belts is critical. An air-conditioned space will keep high temperatures and humidity from damaging them. You also want to store them away from direct sunlight, as well as keep them away from heat sources. If you have coated abrasives and plan to store several, a climate-controlled space will save you money over time. Your goal should be to keep humidity around 45 percent and the temperature of the room between 60°F and 80°F. The reason humidity control is so important is that low humidity can make your sanding belts brittle and high humidity can soften the backing and weaken the belt joint.

As for the storage racks you use for your sanding belts, consider non-metallic hangers that separate the belts and keep them away from the floor and wall. Another thing to know about the storage of sanding belts is that you should remove them from their packaging the day before you plan to use them and place them near where you will be using them so that they can acclimate to the environment they will be used in.

Ideal storage of sanding belts won’t mean much if you start with subpar belts to begin with. At Farris Belt & Saw Company, we have been providing quality abrasive products here in Charlotte, North Carolina for nearly 80 years, so it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about quality. Our customer service is also a benefit you’ll appreciate as we will work diligently to solve your abrasive product needs. Reach out today with any questions you might have.