How Different Grinding Wheels Serve Different Needs

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Grinding wheels are what allow you to remove any excess material from a surface and clean up your cuts. There are many different types of grinding wheels, each with their own purposes. When finding the right grinding wheel for your needs, it’s important to think about how each grinding wheel is different and what advantages each one gives.

How Different Grinding Wheels Serve Different Needs

For example, grinding wheels have different grains of abrasive that are best for different projects. Each grain has a different durability, making each one ideal for tougher versus softer materials. Grit size is another important factor to consider. Grit size refers to how large or small the individual grains are. Grinding wheels with lower grit sizes have a coarser grain, meaning a greater amount of material is removed when using the wheel.

Once you’ve looked at factors, such as different grains and grit sizes, there are some important questions to ask yourself in finding the perfect grinding wheel for your needs. For example, how large of a grinding wheel will you need? The size of grinding wheel you need will depend on the size of the metal you are wanting to grind. Another important question pertains to how fast the wheel will be going so you can maintain safety.

Here at Farris Belt & Saw Company, we carry grinding wheels that will benefit you and your individual projects. If you’re having trouble figuring out what grinding wheel will work best for your needs, contact us to learn more and go through our selection.